Whitehead Removal, Home Treatments That Work

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Whitehead removal is something you should be thinking about if you have the development of these white to yellow colored pimples on your skin.

Whiteheads form because of the buildup of dead skin cells along with the production of oils in skin. When these elements come together in a follicle or pore, it leads to the development of raised, white bumps on the skin.

Removing these blemishes is possible and likely to be easier than you think to achieve at home – here are some simple steps to a clearer complexion.

Simple Whitehead Removal Methods

washing the faceOne of the most important methods of whitehead removal is simply washing the skin. Keeping the skin’s oil level under control is important since it can help to prevent the onset of pimple development, including whiteheads. Removal methods should include using a mild facial soap to strip the skin of oils. Do this twice per day, using warm water, to reduce the risk of developing this form of acne (sometimes less is more as over-cleansing can make your skin produce even more oil). However, you do not want to use harsh chemicals on the skin that will strip away all oils and dry the skin out. Keep it moisturized overall.

whitehead removal

Close up image of a crop of whiteheads on forehead

In addition to this, whitehead removal methods often require the use of an exfoliant. This product is able to use a slight amount of abrasion to remove the top layer of skin where dead skin cells lurk. Dead skin cells contribute to the development of these raised bumps. By exfoliating, you remove one of the sources of problems for your skin and, in return, you are able to reduce the presence of whiteheads. You can find over the counter products for use in exfoliating, but you can make a solution of baking soda and water or even salt and soap to remove skin cells like this.

Improving your diet
is also a type of whitehead removal technique. It will not strip them away immediately but it does address the underlying concern and improve the condition. By providing your skin with the nutrients it needs, from added vegetables and fruits, you will see a significant improvement in your skin overall.

Look for those vegetables and fruits with high levels of Vitamin E in them for the best results.

Facial Steaming, Your Best Friend in Whitehead Removal!

facial steamingUse steam as a method of whitehead removal. Steam opens up the pores and allows for a better level of cleaning. More of the debris such as dead skin cells can come away from the skin in this manner.

If you do not own a steamer, facial steaming is easy with a home made version made by simply using very hot water in a large bowl and bending your face over this. Drape a large towel over your head to form a sort of tent which covers you and the bowl, trapping the steam. This ensures you get the full effect of the treatment.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]For an added benefit, add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to it. This will help to cleanse the pores. Rinse your skin afterwards and use a mild soap to remove any present whiteheads.

Removing whiteheads from your skin can be frustrating since they are likely to come back quickly. For those who have a regularly or chronic problem with whiteheads, removal techniques may also include medicated products. However, this is not necessary for everyone especially those who just get one or two on the face. Effective whitehead removal is the key to improve your skin’s composition and beauty in the end.

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