Blackheads on Nose

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Blackheads on nose are common in teenagers, but many adults suffer from them too. What are blackheads? Here is the Wikipedia definition for Blackheads. They are caused by an excessive build up of oil that is trapped in the pores, these blemishes are irritating and in extreme cases can be embarrassing and cause problems with self-confidence.

Fortunately, there are effective steps you can take to prevent them from forming, get rid of the ones you currently have and achieve clearer, healthier, more attractive skin that will make you feel confident again. They are most common on the nose, chin and forehead because these tend to be the oiliest parts of the face.

Best Treatments for Blackheads on the Nose

This site has several very helpful articles on how to treat the blackheads that form in the nose area.

You will find these three articles are the most relevant:-

  • Facial Steaming. This article explains why steaming is helpful, prior to any attempt to get rid of these blemishes, how to do it effectively and why you need not spend money on a steamer, you just need items that you already have in your kitchen at home.
  • How to use a blackhead remover tool. This article explains why, although these tools can be very effective, it is vital to learn how to use them correctly in order to avoid scarring.
  • How to use a vacuum blackhead remover. This article explains how a vacuum or suction device works for removing your blemishes and how to use one to best effect.
blackheads on nose

pore strips can be useful but should be used with caution!

Nose strips or pore strips as they are sometimes called, can be useful for removing these blemishes too. However, you might like to take a look at this helpful article that I found which highlights some of the problems that can be experienced by those using this method of blackhead removal. Check out the full article here

As mentioned, these strips can work really well, however if you have sunburn, other blemishes in the same area as the blackheads or any sort of rash or irritation, you should not use this method. Other people run into difficulties because they find the strip really hard to remove but keep pulling at it anyway – resulting in painfully sore skin and even skin abrasions. You should always soak the strip with water to soften the adhesive if it is in any way painful or difficult to remove.

How To Prevent Blackheads On Your Nose

To prevent nose blackheads, the first thing you should do is evaluate your current facial skincare routine. If you are using creamy, greasy or thick products on your face, stop now! Replace them with a very gentle, water-soluble facial cleanser that is suitable for acne-prone skin. Keep soap bars out of your bathroom! These can clog the pores if they cause skin cells to be removed too early. If you have dry or combination (dry and oily areas) skin, you will still need to use a cleanser with moisturizing properties, but try to find one that is a light moisturizer, as excessive moisturizing can also increase oil levels in the skin.

prevention and treatment of blackheads on noseExfoliation is important. This gets rid of dead skin cells and allows the skin’s natural oils to leave the pores without being blocked. The best option is a facial scrub containing 1% or 2% BHA or salicylic acid. BHAs are more effective than AHAs, which do not really penetrate the lining of the pore and are more of a surface exfoliator. Exfoliate every day, using a gentle, circular movement and paying attention to your entire nose area, and then place a clean, warm washcloth over your entire face for 10-15 minutes, to encourage blackheads to the surface of your skin. Follow this with a clay mask to absorb the pore-clogging oil. This step should only be followed if your skin is oily; clay masks are not recommended for dry skin. Instead, there are masks available for your skin type and using one of these will be effective in helping to loosen the contents of clogged pores and lift out these little black blemishes.

A Natural Treatment For The Problem!

Diet and exercise are important when it comes to good skin. Plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetables and moderate exercise three times a week will improve circulation and the overall appearance and condition of the skin. A dermatologist will offer professional skin-care treatment and can provide advice on the removal of these open comedones. He will also offer further guidance on how to prevent blackheads if you are worried about the condition of your skin, or have any other skin problems that may rule out certain prevention methods.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]Medication is available for severe skin conditions, which should only be taken under the supervision of a qualified professional, and you should be aware of any possible side effects. Skin care professionals you could consult are dermatologists and cosmetologists. If you would like to learn more about dermatology you can use the link provided to visit the relevant section on

Teenage sufferers of these annoying blemishes often find that they outgrow the problem of poor skin when their hormones settle down. Eating healthily, keeping fit and maintaining a good skincare routine to prevent excess oil to the skin is the best way to prevent blackheads on your nose and elsewhere on your face.


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    • Hi Beth, I really feel for you, the thing is, that if you have really deep-seated blackheads, you may need the help of a dermatologist to get your skin back into great condition. The other thing is, if you say you have tried everything, do you think you have given any one treatment long enough to be effective. This is the great problem with blackhead treatments, sometimes the problem looks worse before it gets better because the blockages in the pores deep down are being brought to the surface and turn black through oxidisation which makes you think things are getting worse but maybe you are quitting just before you could have made the breakthrough! Good luck, let us know how you get on.