10 Exceptional Skin Care Tips You Can Use Until You Are 50

tips for younger looking skinPreventative skin care, combined with daily maintenance, will result in softer, suppler and more youthful skin as years go by.

It is easier to maintain and take care of skin than it is to wait until it is too late and then try to correct skin damage, wrinkles or signs of premature aging.

Following these ten simple skin care tips can help you to develop a crucial skin care routine that will provide you with glowing, youthful and clear skin for years to come.

Our Ten Tips For Younger Looking Skin

  1. Avoid smoking. Quitting smoking will not only help you to achieve a brighter glow and keep your skin from yellowing, it will also help you to avoid smoker’s wrinkles that accumulate around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

  2. Use sunscreen when outside. Applying a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 is necessary when a person is going to be outside for any length of time. It is also important to apply a heavier SPF if you will be outside in intense heat or for a prolonged period of time.

  3. Use a daily moisturizer before applying foundation and makeup. In the mornings, apply a light amount of daily moisturizer to your face before applying foundation, powder and other makeup.

  4. Invest in specialty creams to help eliminate or reduce the appearance of dark spots. Investing in a quality skin cream that helps to reduce dark spots will make your skin tone more even.

  5. Apply lemon juice to uneven skin tone. If you cannot afford a high quality dark spot remover, lemon juice is an ideal and effective alternative. Simply squeeze juice from a lemon into a small bowl and dab the juice on the darkened areas twice daily.

  6. Wash your face thoroughly in the evenings and mornings before applying night time moisturizer or morning moisturizer or makeup. A mild soap and cool water will help to clean the skin and tighten the pores.

  7. If you have acne that will not go away with over-the-counter treatment, consult with your doctor or dermatologist about prescription medication. Acne holds bacteria that often need an antibiotic ointment in order for it to be treated effectively. This will help you to avoid acne scars.

  8. Wear sunglasses and hats when you are outside during hot weather for long periods of time. This action will help to prevent wrinkles and skin discoloration.

  9. Use a skin exfoliator twice a week to remove dead skin cells and to give your skin a natural and beautiful glow.

  10. Give your face a cool cloth treatment once daily if possible to reduce the appearance of swollen skin. This will assist with reducing bags under eyes and puffy skin.

This is a guest post by Aileen Lopez who is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm, an Austin, Texas divorce firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.

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