Not All Blackhead Removal Products Work

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Many products claim to be the best option for Blackhead Removal but they do not all live up to what they promise.

Watching the advertisements for these products, it is not surprising that so many people buy them, believing that they will live up to the claims they make. Amongst these are guarantees to get rid of blackheads as well as all other skin problems, such as redness, pimples and blemishes, and promises of clearer, smoother, more attractive skin.

When faced with row upon row of skin care products in the grocery store or drugstore, all of them making the same too-good-to-be-true assertions, ask yourself whether they can all really do what they say they can. If you are simply looking for an affordable face wash that will leave your skin clean, no doubt most if not all of them will do the job just fine. If your aim is to get rid of blackheads, however, you need more than just a face wash and unfortunately this is where the majority of these products fall short.

skin care productsKnowing how to get rid of blackheads will help you find a product that actually has what it takes to make a difference. It comes down to a three-step system consisting of an exfoliant, antibacterial agent and astringent.

Many of the products that market themselves as blackhead removers do not contain any ingredients–active or inactive–that are exfoliants. It is natural to read a list of ingredients on the side of a bottle, realize that you are familiar with none of them, and assume that they do the necessary job to zap blackheads.

Common ingredients in all of these products are salicyclic acid and SD alcohol, neither of which are exfoliants.

SD alcohol, like benzoyl peroxide, is actually a potentially dangerous chemical that can quickly dry out your skin and cause more harm than good.

There are Blackhead Removal products out there that do work well. None of these, however, are grocery store brands. By educating yourself about what blackheads are and what you need to do to get rid of them permanently, you will be able to stay away from products that make fancy claims that they cannot back up and concentrate on finding a blackhead treatment that works.

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By Alison Graham

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