Pronexin Contains Natural Ingredients for Blackhead Removal

Pronexin is a great product that many people are turning to in their quest for how to get rid of blackheads because its triple action formula not only treats the blackheads you already have, but it also works to minimize bacterial growth that can lead to more blemishes and inflammation but also helps to tighten skin pores which helps to prevent these becoming clogged and causing the problem to reoccur.

Amazon ImageThe formula of Pronexin is pleasant to use and acts as a gentle cleanser which leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

As a facial scrub, it gently exfoliates but it also nourishes your skin with a formulation of herbs, natural minerals and lots of vitamins.

Many treatments for acne available on prescription come with associated side effects which many people find are almost worse than having the problem.

Pronexin is free from any such side effects, according to its manufacturers so this is another important factor when choosing this particular product for many people suffering with blackheads and acne.

Using Pronexin as a Blackhead Treatment

For effective results, this product needs to be used daily but it is easy to apply. All you have to do is massage the areas of your skin that are prone to blackheads for up to a minute. You can even do this whilst taking your shower, or when you are in the bath. Make sure you rinse off the product thoroughly before drying your face on a clean, soft towel.

Pronexin Ingredients

This great product contains many natural ingredients that not only deal with blackheads effectively, but also improve the condition of your skin generally. Below, I have detailed some of them with their main properties as you may not be familiar with these and they are definitely worth looking out for in other skincare products.

  • White Willow Bark contains a natural ingredient called salicin which works as an anti-inflammatory, like aspirin. It is converted into salicylic acid, a major ingredient in acne treatment products and also works to slow down the shedding of the dead skin cells that can clog pores causing infection. Unlike many prescription products, white willow bark is not known to cause any adverse effects.
  • Redmond Clay is another naturally sourced product. Amazingly it is derived from ancient ash from volcanoes which erupted millions of years ago. It is a product used by many professional salons and spas as a method of removing toxins from skin and minimizing pores. It attacks the bacteria causing the infection and is therefore very effective at helping to prevent the blackheads from coming back.
  • Walnut Shell crushed very finely is used as a natural exfoliant in this product to help remove more of those dead skin cells, helping to ensure that pores do not become clogged and leaving your skin smooth and soft, revealing the younger, brighter looking complexion beneath.
  • Jojoba Oil is perhaps better known as an ingredient in hair care products. On skin, it works to reduce sebum production in the sebaceous glands. It also helps to break down the thicker, stickier oil clogging pores which causes the blackheads to develop. It really helps with clearing existing acne blemishes and helps to prevent the development of new ones.
  • Aloe Vera is known as a houseplant and it’s juice, used externally and taken internally, is known for its wonderful healing properties. It contains many ingredients that soothe and heal and Pronexin contains Aloe Barbadensis which is a soothing extract from the plant which not only moisturizes but it helps blemishes to heal in two ways: 1. It increases the circulation of blood to the skin 2. It fights against the infection that leads to inflammation and further blemishes.

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