Using A Blackhead Remover Gun

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]A blackhead remover gun is definitely one of the most popular skin care tools used by people to achieve a clean and blemish-free face.  For the most part, blackheads are considered as little annoyances that one just has to live with because everyone has it.  On the contrary, blackheads are a problem that can fairly quickly be dealt with using the right methods.

For those who are wondering whether using a blackhead gun is the best course of action, we decided to take a closer look at its merits, as well as its possible drawbacks.

What is a Blackhead Remover Gun?

blackhead remover gunThis tool is basically a vacuum device that uses high power suction in order to remove blackheads from the skin.  It is also sometimes referred to as blackhead extractor, due to the nature of the removal process.

This tool is powered by electricity (battery operated for home use devices) and usually comes with a lightweight hand-held attachment. There are different versions, which can be used at home or in professional skin care clinics that provide a wide range of facial services.

Pictured is the Panasonic EH2511A Pore Cleanser with Micro-fine Mist which is our top pick of the home use machines available.

Main Benefits of a Blackhead Gun

  • Generally Painless- A lot of people prefer to use this method of blackhead removal mainly because they can save themselves the grief of having to endure painful extraction.  The vacuum provides effective suction power which forces the blackheads out of the pores, then off the skin permanently.  This process is used widely in spas and beauty salons since the procedure is not nearly as uncomfortable for the client as some other methods of extraction.
  • Fast and Easy- While a blackhead remover gun is mostly used by skin care professionals, it can also be used at home.  There are a number of blackhead gun products in the market today, which are intended for personal use at home and this provides an inexpensive and effective alternative to getting professional treatments.  It only takes about 3-5 minutes to vacuum the facial area in order to remove the blackheads and get rid of clogged pores.

The Panasonic Pore Cleanser is currently available at a discounted price but for a really budget model, this facial pore cleanser at less than $10 still gets very good reviews!

Disadvantages of This Method of Blackhead Extraction

In all, this tool is an excellent method of removing blackheads.  However, if there is one disadvantage, it would be that not all blackhead guns are effective in getting all the blackheads at once.  It is for this reason that consumers are advised to purchase units that allow for adjustments in terms of suction power.  Some guns can also be quite expensive so it is wise to shop around, check out online reviews and find the best deals!.

Where to Buy

As with other skin care tools and supplies, consumers can find a blackhead remover gun online especially on websites such as  This product comes in different brands so it is necessary to compare features and prices before making a purchase.

Verdict and Recommendation

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]Anyone who struggles with blackheads should seriously consider getting this tool so they can use it at home whenever necessary.  This comes as a highly recommended skin care solution, mainly because it is safe and generally effective.  In order to improve the efficacy of this method, it should be used in conjunction with other facial cleansing methods, in particular, a ten minute facial steaming to help open the pores before treatment.

Purchasing a blackhead remover gun is definitely a good idea, for anyone who wishes to get rid of clogged pores and achieve a clearer and blemish- free skin.


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  1. hi,
    im looking for a gud black head remover machine for home use,which is easy to use and a good quality product..suggest me which one wil b good and what are the can i order??
    please reply soon,
    najia sameer.

    • Hi Najia, maybe some other readers would like to give their suggestions here but as you know, we are not a shop so you cannot order direct from us, only through the links that we provide to Amazon or going direct to another site that sells a product we review. Sorry not to have been more help. Alison