Three Egyptian Beauty Secrets That Have Stood The Test Of Time

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]The original Egyptians held a lot of almost magical secrets that we’re still trying to solve these days. From how they constructed the fantastic pyramids of Giza to the Fantastic Sphinx. One thing that we don’t spend a lot attention to nevertheless is their unique attention to beauty and skin care. There are ancient beauty secrets we are able to take from the Egyptians and still apply them these days. In fact I’ll share with you a few goods which are taking advantage of exactly the same ideas the Egyptians used thousands of years ago.

Whilst high tech labs function long hours trying to discover new compounds and formulations to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines the ancient Egyptians found a very simple formulation that worked well.

Their not so top secret anti wrinkle mixture was two spoonfuls of Sweet Almond OIl and one drop of frankincense oil. This would be massaged on to the skin each night after rinsing.

I think the ancient Egyptians were on to some thing there whenever you look at the formulation of some natural wrinkle creams of these days such as the Athena 7 Minute Lift which contains sweet almond oil as one of it is ingredients along with 11 other natural ancient oils.

Dead Sea Salts

Each years thousands of people go to the dead sea to spread the mud to themselves and to reap the therapeutic benefits that the minerals of this dense physique of water provides. The recognition of dead sea salts has spread around the globe and may now be found in every thing from at home dead sea bath salts to dead sea cosmetics as well as some medical grade skin creams for psoriasis.

Cleopatra of ancient Egypt was documented experiencing and enjoying the salts from the dead sea as well. Their natural ability to sooth and heal the epidermis is in contrast to any other body of water on earth.

Mineral Makeup

bareMinerals Get Started Kit with Bonus Gift - MediumMineral and natural make-up is all of the rage these days, actually companies like bareMinerals are generating a name for themselves around the globe by manufacturing a line of all natural paraben free cosmetics which are colored by natural minerals such as copper and titanium.

Of course, like so many other issues we think are new mineral make up isn’t. The ancient Egyptians nearly all wore eye make up every day. Physicians of the time actually advised it to reflect the sun light away from their eyes and also to keep insects away.

Minerals used were both copper and iron ore found locally and used to pigment the make-up that would then be applied around their eyes.

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