Mud Mask, Vitaman Face Mud Masque Review

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]This Vitaman Face Mud Masque is a mud mask specifically designed for men’s skin. Coming from one of the top names in men’s skincare, Vitaman which is an Australian-based company.

The mud in this product is natural, Australian, clay mud, packed with minerals and anti bacterial properties to provide men’s skin with a deep cleansing treatment that also detoxifies and hydrates the skin.

The results after just one application are skin which feels softer, looks visibly smoother and feels amazingly clean and refreshed.

Vitaman Face Mud MasqueIf your skin is oily, the product helps to restore the oil balance. It also draws out impurities from the pores which cause blackheads and blemishes, helping to minimize breakouts.

The experts say that the clay that goes into this mud mask is over two hundred million years old – pretty amazing! However, it is not the age of the mud but the more than thirty-five active minerals it contains which are absorbed into the skin with the other essential oil ingredients to nourish, protect and heal.

This product can be used on any skin type, but will be of particular benefit to men who have hormonal acne, blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and other blemishes or oily skin. It also helps to firm and tighten skin, reducing puffiness. It helps to protect the skin with a natural anti bacterial action.
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The natural essential oils in the mud mask are:-

  • Grapefruit Oil, which is well known for its skin toning properties and tightening action on puffiness
  • Cedarwood Oil to sooth your skin and provide a warm, masculine fragrance
  • Sandalwood Oil to help clear infection, reducing puffiness and inflammation and sooth the skin

mud maskThe Vitaman Face Mud Masque contains no artificial fragrances and no added chemicals.

The other benefit of using this Vitaman mud mask is that its deep cleansing action means that any other skincare products you apply to your skin are better absorbed so you get more benefit from them – for example, moisturizer will hydrate your skin better.

How to use the Mud Mask
You use the mud mask twice a week and it is really easy to do. Cleanse your face as normal and pat dry. Then add a smooth even coat of the treatment mud over your face and neck, being careful to avoid the eyes and the lips. Just leave the mud to dry whilst you relax for fifteen or twenty minutes and then rinse away with warm water. Follow with your usual non-comedogenic moisturizer.

If you prefer, you can treat individual problem areas such as the nose or the forehead without treating the whole face. You can also use this product on blackheads and blemishes elsewhere on your body – for example on your back (bacne) – though it may be as well to get a partner to help apply this but it is really easy to rinse away in the shower!

Overall Verdict on the Vitaman Face Mud Masque

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]This product is very effective and good value for money. If you want maximum benefit for your skin with minimum effort, this is a great product to use as you only have to apply it twice a week for best results. It leaves skin feeling, and looking, smooth and soft and can be used on blemishes elsewhere on the body, not just on the face.

The Vitaman Face Mud Masque is definitely a mud mask well worth trying. Vitaman products make great, and very thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated by all men in the Christmas Holiday Season!

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