How To Get Rid Of Blackheads – Be Gentle!

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Two of the most difficult things about maintaining a bright, clear complexion for most of us are primarily to how to prevent blackheads in the first place and secondly, how to get rid of blackheads when we have them. If you have ever had blackheads, you will know how annoying they are and working out the best way to get rid of them can be costly in terms of both time and money spent. Before you can really get to grips with how to get rid of blackheads, you are going to have to get to the root of why you have them.

Products meant to care for our skin and the make-up we apply can cause skin pores to clog. Our skin type is what we are born with, we cannot change this, the best we can do is to work with what we have been given. Whilst it is true that blackheads can develop on almost any skin type, they most commonly appear on those who have oily or normal-to-oily skins. Eating fatty foods and not cleansing the skin correctly are often highlighted as culprits for the problem but the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases reports that there is not very much evidence to support the suggestion that fatty foods such as chocolate and chip or having dirty skin has anything to do with the causes of acne.

facial steamer for blackhead treatmentYou could try natural ways of how to prevent blackheads; a simple way to try is to increase the amount of vitamin A in your diet which will help your skin. Another way is to avoid stress as much as you possibly can as this can definitely cause acne breakouts and increased blackhead susceptibility.

You could also try some of the many natural home remedies for blackheads; fresh mint juice is known to be a very effective remedy for blackheads, oats are known for their softening properties and many acne treatments contain oatmeal and an oatmeal or almond mask will thoroughly cleanse your face and soften the skin.

Exfoliation is a great way to gently clean pores and get rid of the dead skin cells that could clog them. If you exfoliate up to three times weekly, applying the exfoliator product in gentle circular massaging motions on all the affected areas of your skin (this is most usually the nose, forehead and chin), you will gradually get an improvement of the surface of your skin, pores will become unclogged, blackheads will be gradually removed and blemishes will fade.

Using a facial steamer to gently open the pores prior to cleansing and exfoliation will help with the effectiveness of your skin care routine. You could add some natural, healing herbs such as comfrey, peppermint, yarrow or thyme. But take care not to overdo your cleansing routine as by overdoing things you could make matters worse – the watchword is be gentle![ad#Ad for every post]
By:- Alison Graham

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