Blackheads On Nose, Extraction Techniques That Work

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For Blackheads on Nose, chin and other parts of the face, there are many different extraction techniques that you may consider using, particularly if your blackheads are proving to be resistant to other methods of blackhead removal.

Before you decide the next step to take in your mission to clear your skin of these annoying marks, ask yourself the important question, “what are blackheads?” Educating yourself about these blemishes can help you to understand why certain extraction techniques work, and why others fail.

Blackheads are tiny black blemishes on the skin that signal the blockage of a pore. A combination of oils, bacteria and dead skin cells causes these clogs, and they turn black when they come into contact with the air (oxidizes).

A blackhead is very similar to a whitehead, the difference being that the whitehead does not have the microscopic opening on the surface of the skin.

Blackhead Treatment using an extraction tool can be carried out by a qualified professional or you can attempt to do it yourself at home. Take all the necessary precautions by sterilizing everything that is going to come into contact with your skin, ensuring that your hands are scrubbed clean before you start and that you have facial tissues and witch hazel to hand to treat the skin after the blackhead has been removed.

using a blackhead extractor toolA blackhead extractor tool is a very simple item, which has a loop at one end. The extraction process involves placing the looped end of the tool on top of the blackhead and applying slow and even pressure, until the blocked sebum appears out of the pore. If the blockage does not ooze out of the pore easily, it is best to stop the extraction. Continuing to apply pressure can cause the area around the blackhead to scar and even become infected, which you want to avoid.

Some people use suction guns to remove Blackheads on Nose, but most dermatologists do not recommend this extraction tool. For a start, it is plastic and therefore will never be completely sterile. Additionally, their effectiveness is questionable; many experts do not believe that they actually work in removing the blackheads and they can therefore cause more harm than good.
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By Alison Graham

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