Homemade Egg White and Lavender Mask

Blackheads are accumulations of oil that block pores. When these blocked pores get inflamed, they are known as pimples. There are several masks available commercially to loosen and do away with blackheads from the face. These products are normally costly and may have some rather undesirable ingredients on their label. At home, you can decide to make your own blackhead removal mask instead.
home made lavender and egg white face mask
Here is our recipe for a homemade egg white and lavender mask:

  • Egg whites are perfect for facials since they have the ability to temporarily tighten an individual’s pores and skin and leave the skin feeling supple and soft.
  • The process of removing blackheads using egg white and lavender mask takes a bit of time and can become somewhat messy if you are not cautious enough. If you happen not to add sufficient layers or get drying duration right, the mask will not work.

Directions for your Blackhead Removal Mask

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    1. Crack the egg and detach the yolk from the white egg. Put the white part in a sizable bowl and add a few drops of lavender. The lavender oil will help reduce inflammation, taking away that red ugly look that often accompanies blackheads. Let the mixture sit for a while to thicken.
    2. Take a couple of cotton swabs, small brush, spatula or any other thing that works best for you, and use to apply the mask to your face.
    3. Generously cover your whole face with the mask and allow it to dry up partially before you add another layer. Add about three to five layers while concentrating on the affected areas.
    4. Place some kind of soft tissue or maybe even toilet paper on your wet face, ensuring to leave room for your mouth, eyes and nostrils.
    5. Apply a second layer of the mask on top of the tissue and be sure not to allow the moisture to ruin or rip the tissue on the face.
    6. Allow the mask to air dry or fan dry. As the mask dries, egg white may tighten the skin and you might feel some discomfort. This is okay though, since your pores and skin are tightening.
    7. After the mask has completely dried, peel it off. The blackheads should come out with it.
    8. Wash off the tissue residues and egg white from the face and moisturize it as usual.

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    Benefits of Egg White and Lavender Mask

    • It softens your skin
    • It tightens the pores
    • It helps reduce blackheads
    • It helps reduce sebum

    As you are trying to make the mask, always bear in mind that patience is vital if you plan to succeed. Allow a layer to dry up partially before you add another layer. You can choose to have your friend try it out on you as you lie down comfortably. The entire process including the drying duration may take approximately one hour, depending on the amount of the mask used, how thick the mask is and how you choose to dry it.

    If you still have blackheads even after peeling off the mask, then you can always choose to repeat the process. On the other hand, you can always see a doctor if your condition gets serious. Just remember to have your Ehic card or have an Ehic Renewal in case it has passed the expiry date. This will help you a great deal as far as paying your hospital bills is concerned.

    Thank you to Maria Mcquire for supplying this guest post for us.

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