Blackhead Removal Mask, Seikisho Mask White

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]If you are looking for an effective blackhead removal mask that gets great reviews, you might like to try the Seikisho Mask White. The first thing about it is that surprisingly, it is not white at all, but a very dark bluish, inky-black!

It is made in Japan and its formula contains five Oriental herb extracts including wormwood extract and goldthread extract to help unclog your pores, loosening and removing blackheads and the build-up of dead skin cells and excess sebum which are the major contributory causes to blackheads.

As an added bonus, the Seikisho Mask White cleans your skin so thoroughly that your skin is left feeling radiant and looking bright and more translucent and smooth.

What to Expect from this Blackhead Removal Mask

seikisho blackhead removal maskFirst of all, once you have gotten over the surprise of the product being black in the first place, you smooth it onto your skin in a nice thick layer. Applying it too thinly makes it difficult to remove, applying it too thickly means it takes a while to dry and this also means you use more product which works out more expensive.

Ensure that you pay particular attention to the ‘trouble spots’ around the sides of your nose and your chin and forehead. Make sure you avoid your eye area, eyebrows and hairline as, with regard to the eye area, pulling the mask to remove it might pull on the delicate under eye area and with regard to the hairline, you do not want to be pulling your hair out when you peel the mask off as the black nano-powder with which the mask is formulated not only penetrates the skin to remove dirt and sebum from pores, it also bonds to the skin surface too with a pleasant tightening sensation!

The mask is deliciously soothing and cool and has a really nice floral fragrance. It is easy to relax for the time it takes to dry which is usually twenty to thirty minutes. You will know when it is time to remove it as the mask is dry to the touch and looks matte. So, turn off the phone so you will not have to talk to anyone (which would be bad anyway whilst the mask is drying as you need to keep your facial muscles still for maximum effect) and also make sure you are not disturbed (mostly because you do not want to frighten them with your appearance whilst wearing the mask)!

seikisho mask white peel off

The Seikisho Mask White is easy to peel off when dry, as demonstrated in the video below.

Peeling the mask off once dry is really easy, just lift a little at the edge and loosen along so that you can peel the mask away. There is something really satisfying about getting the whole thing off in one piece – even if it does look a little creepy, just laying there on the bathroom counter top when you have removed it!

You will find that it removes quite a lot of dead skin cells which is great for the look of your skin and, as mentioned, stops these dead cells clogging up the pores and leading to more blackheads.

How often you use the Seikisho Mask White really depends on your skin type, once a week or even once every two weeks is probably often enough for most skin types. If your skin is very sensitive this peel off mask may not be suitable for you and I would definitely recommend trying it on a small area first (like with pore strips) to see if you have any adverse reaction.

Video Review of the Seikisho Mask White as a Blackhead Removal Mask

Verdict on the Seikisho Mask White

The Seikisho Mask White is a great product, worth paying that bit extra for to have the reassurance of the natural herbs and the very effective ‘peel’ effect leaving skin feeling – and looking, really great!

The link will take you to the Amazon product page where you will not only get a great discount on the price, you will also get free shipping if you choose the super-saver option!

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