Face Mapping for Individual Skincare Treatment

Your skin is like a mirror reflecting the health and condition of your internal systems and organs.

The condition of your skin acts as a warning sign in a way that can help diagnose the imbalances you may be experiencing, before they get too serious.

What Is Face Mapping?

the face divided into individual zones

Dividing the face into zones in this face mapping technique will help to ensure correct treatment for each individual area

Face mapping is a method used to examine the skin. Although face mapping has become very popular in recent times, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (the traditional Indian medicine) for hundreds of years.

The face is divided into zones to create a map and using that as a guideline, the therapist will make a meticulously studied inch-by-inch, landscape of your face. This guarantees that the treatment prescribed will fully address each individual concern you may have.

The Examination

dermatologist examining facial zones

A dermatologist will examine each facial zone to produce a facial map of your skin

The examination consists of intricately analysing each zone and noting down the precise findings.

Depending on where the pimples, blackheads, rash, sallowness, hyperpigmentation or redness is, it can reveal a possible connection to a problem that is occurring inside your body.

Rashes, pimples or any discoloration can be caused by what you eat and what you are placing on skin, for example.

Firstly the face is divided into several sections: the hairline, ears, eyebrows, forehead, brow bones, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin and jaw. Each section is examined separately, and each can tell the therapist something specific about the way your body is functioning.

The thorough examination of your skin provides not only an insight into the current state of your health but looks at past health and future problems in some instances too.

Each part of the face can reflect the health of a particular organ. In traditional Chinese medicine the eyebrows correspond to the liver, the lips show the condition of the digestive system and the cheeks are linked to the lungs.

Dark marks, lines and wrinkles can further show a decline in your health and can even reveal aspects of your personality. In a very real sense your face becomes a road map to help diagnose any health issues you might have.

Some Examples of the Connections

under eye puffinessPuffiness and dark circles under the eyes can indicate poor digestion and can also indicate that your kidney and liver are not in their peak condition. It is good to take a look at your overall diet and try cleaning it up a little by detoxifying your system.

The nose is a very common place to experience irritation. It is also the most common starting position for a skin condition known as rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that relapses, meaning it cannot be cured and will keep returning even if you manage to keep it under control. Rosacea symptoms lead to redness of the face and can be triggered by a variety of factors. Alcohol dependence, exposure to extreme temperatures and even spicy food can trigger and further aggravate the condition.

Your cheeks are like an open book and the first signs of any allergies often turn up there. Constant irritation, pimples and redness can be a symptom of a specific allergy. Wheat and dairy products are some of the most common causes. Too much acidity in your system should be avoided and the consummation of more alkaline foods will help restore any imbalance.

Know which Products will Suit Your Skin

Face mapping is also a great way to figure out which products are good for you and suitable for any conditions that may be apparent. Examining your own face may allow you to believe you know what your problem is and is often tempting to try a product that promises quick results.

Many of us waste a lot of time and money on a product that isn’t working and isn’t treating the root cause. Sometimes the problem may need to be treated internally and at other times a topical cream may be required.

Results of the Thorough Examination

With the naked eye you wouldn’t be able to note every single problem you have, whether minor or major. A thorough face mapping analysis will guarantee that a prescribed or home treatment will supply you with a remedy that is likely to work.

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