Blackhead Popping

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Blackhead popping is a technique that is very effective but you need to do it properly to avoid damaging the skin surface or causing the debris in the pores to be dispersed under the skin where an infection could be set up.

Follow the instructions in this article below and in the video further down the page for successful treatment.

For blackhead popping to be successful, you need to begin by cleansing the area thoroughly to minimise any possible breakout caused by a bacterial infection.

blackhead poppingFollow this by exfoliating using a very gentle exfoliator or scrub or a Hydroxy Acid type product. This will help to remove dead skin cells and other debris from the area you are working on.

Using an exfoliating cream or scrub helps to open up the pores but if you can use a steamer afterwards, or use a very warm washcloth on the area, this will really help to open the pores more in order to make blackhead removal as easy as possible.

Before you go any further, make sure you cover your finger tips with tissues or use a lightweight glove. This will avoid marking the skin by digging in your nails by accident.

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facial steamer for blackhead treatmentBegin by applying two fingertips one on each side and moving them apart to stretch the skin between them. Then, push your fingertips under the blemish, creating a mound to enable the contents of the blocked pore to be popped out onto the surface, where you can wipe it away.

Stretching the skin allows you to get your fingertips underneath the blemish and push the debris out rather than just squeezing your fingertips together which could damage the skin.

If the blemish will not come out easily, you need to leave it alone and preferably use an overnight treatment on the skin area before trying again. Repeatedly trying to remove stubborn blemishes is counter-productive and will just inflame the skin and cause you more problems.

Step By Step Blackhead Popping

After a successful blackhead popping session, wipe the area with an antiseptic wipe to sterilise it and kill any bacteria that have been left on the skin surface. Then you can apply a gentle clay masque onto the area which will help to purify the skin, soothe it and reduce any redness and refine the skin.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]A masque containing tea tree oil is great and can be left on for around ten minutes before gently removing with warm water and a clean wash cloth and patting dry.

After this, you can use a mattifier which helps to refine the skin further, reduce oil production and reduce bacteria – this also has the effect of reducing any oily shine.

If you want to use a concealer on the area afterwards, use one that is a treatment product containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide or one containing benzoyl peroxide. Following these steps will make blackhead popping successful and trouble-free.

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