Is Squeezing Blackheads Really a Good Idea?

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]When deciding whether or not squeezing blackheads is a smart move, it is important to realize that it is not like popping a zit. Blackheads happen when the body produces too much sebum. It may sound like a fancy scientific word, but sebum is actually a specific type of oil made in the skin. Normally this is a regular part of the body’s routine. However, when this oil is overproduced to the point where it clogs up pores, blackheads are the final result.

A few points in favor of squeezing blackheads is that unlike a pimple or a zit, it is not so easy to spread a bacterial infection.

Although they can be rather unsightly, blackheads come about through natural compounds found in your body. If you can successfully squeeze them, the problem will be dealt with effectively.

Unfortunately, as is the case with popping pimples, squeezing blackheads can result in facial scarring. Although the risk of spreading an acne infection is reduced, it is possible to accidently end up pushing the sebum inwards instead of outwards possibly setting up inflammation and an infection under the skin. This is a relevant concern even if you do decide to use products designed specifically for getting rid of blackheads such as extractors or strips.

squeezing blackheadsIf you decide to go ahead with squeezing blackheads, make sure that your hands are perfectly clean. Use antibacterial soap and make sure that your face has been cleansed. Let a face-towel sit in hot water for a bit and then hold it to the problem area for a few minutes.

Once these preparations have been done, your next step is to place a fingertip on either side of the blackhead and gently squeeze.

Replace the warm cloth and pressure the blemish again if it is still there. The key is to make sure your fingers and face are both completely clean and to be gentle throughout.

Squeezing blackheads as part of a home treatment

Our Verdict on Squeezing Blackheads?

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]The scars that come from improper squeezing can be permanent and although it is possible to improve the appearance of scarring, it is a very time-consuming and expensive process.

If you decide to deal with it yourself however, it is essential that your face and your hands are free of dirt and germs. Although it is not quite like dealing trying to treat other, more severe, acne blemishes, it is a good idea to increase the odds of success where you can. The question of whether squeezing blackheads is worth the risk is ultimately your decision to make.

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