Bizarre Home Remedy Beauty Tips That Really Work!

Bizarre Home Remedy Beauty TipsWomen spend oodles of time, energy and money on skin care and beauty products.

They use lots of different home remedies too. Some are time tested and some invented over a period of a lifetime and passed on as beauty secrets to the next generation.

I have compiled a few of them as they sounded really, really bizarre. I am sure, even you will agree with me after reading these – but they really work, try them out for yourself!

Take a look.

My Top 8 Bizarre Beauty Tips!

  1. Bathing in Milk
    Cleopatra the famous Egyptian Queen bathed in milk and honey. Milk and honey were used to soften the skin. This type of superficial treatment helped in hydrating the body naturally.
  2. Beer for Hair
    A rather unusual beauty tip – after shampooing and drying the hair with a towel, rub a cup of beer on your hair. Wrap your scalp in a plastic wrap for about 5 minutes and then wash your hair again. The alcohol present in beer helps in getting rid undesired residues on the hair from styling products and atmospheric pollutants, leaving a natural sheen.
  3. Deep Conditioning Hair with Avocado
    We know that avocado has many skin-related benefits. But did you know that avocado hydrates your hair as well. Some do believe in this and for better results recommend adding one tablespoon of olive oil to the avocado and then applying it on the hair, but not the scalp.
  4. A Hot Spoon as an Eyelash Curler
    Many girls swear by the results though it sounds a bit quirky. Instead of using an eyelash curler, they use a warm teaspoon. Keeping the bowl-part facing upward, they use their thumb to hold the lashes aligning them with the curve to turn them upwards.
  5. Using A Spoon When Applying Mascara
    Take a plastic teaspoon and hold it over the eyelid while applying mascara to avert any mascara marks here and there.
  6. Ketchup to revive colored hair
    Believe it or not, ketchup can aid in regaining the color applied or the natural color of your hair by applying it like you would a conditioner. Just leave it for about 20 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with water. Chlorine damaged hair can be treated with this method.
  7. Acne treatment with Diaper Rash Cream
    Amazon ImageAmazon ImageDiaper rash cream can work wonders as an adult acne cream. As diaper rash is due to yeast and skin irritation, these creams contain anti-fungal ingredients. These ingredients are effective against bacteria too. Therefore, the rash cream can be applied on the acne blemishes to get relief.
  8. Sesame oil and coconut Oil as Mouthwash and for Teeth Whitening
    Oils do make excellent beauty treatments. What I just learned is that they are helpful in making your smile better. Since they taste good, they can be used as mouth-wash and for teeth whitening. Swish a spoonful of your chosen oil for about 3 minutes in your mouth. This will kill the bacteria and make teeth whiter than before.

Over the Counter Alternatives

If you are one of those who do not like to experiment much, try skin care products that contain the ingredients mentioned above. For instance oils are effective raw materials for skin care products. One such trusted range of skin care comes from Dermology skin care products. Dermology is committed to skin care. Go for it, if you do not want to try the aforementioned bizarre tips.

This is a guest post by Author, Terrie Dawson. She is passionate in writing about different skin conditions and skin care. She loves to share her self-tested skincare tips and reviews on various skincare products with her readers through many skin care blogs.

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