Vitamin B5 Supplement For Blackhead Treatment

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left][ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]Recently, I have been researching online about vitamins and which ones are best for skin health. Views seem to differ about the effectiveness of vitamin supplements for the treatment of acne but there is no doubt that some vitamins are vital for the strength and health of our skin. I found this really good, well-written article by author Terry Teresa which I have permission to reprint here about using vitamin B5 as an acne and blackhead treatment – I hope you find it helpful.

How to Treat Acne with Vitamin B5 by Terry Theresa

B5 for acne

Vitamin B5, otherwise known as pantothenic acid, is a vitamin known to reduce or eliminate acne. It is a water-soluble vitamin that when taken internally or topically can help in the acne behandeling (treatment).

facial scrubIn trial studies, vitamin B5 helped to shrink the size of pores and eliminate acne through a daily 10 to 20 gram supplement and 20 percent topical solution. Within a week to one month those participating in the trial noticed clearer skin.

One cause of acne is vitamin B5 deficiency. The vitamin is needed to properly metabolize coenzyme-A, a fat metabolizing protein. If fats are not properly metabolized, pores easily clog.

Vitamin B5 for acne can be taken in pill, time-released pill, powder and topical forms. When taken internally, start with the maximum dose, then reduce and maintain the dosage when skin clears.

Vitamin B5 as a Treatment for Acne and Blackheads

Acne is a skin problem that frequently affects teens and sometimes even adults. Pimples or zits develop when hormones in the body release too much oil, causing pores to become clogged. Generally, skin outbreaks occur on the face, neck, back and shoulders. Vitamin B5 is considered a natural treatment for acne problems. It must be taken in large doses, however, for it to be fully effective in combating acne.

How Does Vitamin B5 Work?

Vitamin B5 Supplement for Blackhead Treatment1. Acne forms when too much oil is being released into the body. According to the Acne Specialist, this occurs when fatty acid deposits underneath the skin are not properly getting broke down. Vitamine B5 works to regulate the oil-producing glands and maintain them at the proper level. Once there is enough vitamine B5 in your system, the glands will begin functioning properly and acne will cease.

In 1997, Dr. Lit-Hung Leung published a study that proved vitamine B5, or pantothenic acid, was an effective acne behandeling. He tested vitamin B5 on 100 patients and found a decrease in oil secretion on the face within two to three days after the initial therapy. Leung also found that a person with moderate acne was generally cured within eight weeks of treatment, meaning most of the acne was gone, and new acne occurred only occasionally.

Vitamine B5, however, is water soluble, meaning excess of the vitamin that your body doesn’t need will be released through urination. Some doctors believe that excess of vitamine B5 supplements taken for acne will be excreted through the urine and, therefore, will be mostly ineffective in acne behandeling.

Dosage Recommendations

2. There are several different B5 supplements available for acne treatments in both powder and tablet form. While dosage recommendations vary between brands, in general you should take about 10 grams a day. To help your body adjust to the supplement, start the first couple of days taking five grams, and then slowly increase the dosage.

It is hard to determine when you will begin seeing results since all bodies react differently to the treatment. Some people may report positive results within four weeks, while for others it may take up to six months. Once you begin noticing your acne is clearing, however, lower the dosage to a maintenance level that best works for your skin.

Possible Side Effects

3. During the first few months of treatment, you may experience diarrhea or stomach irritation. This side effect, however, should fade once your body adjusts to the B5 supplement.

Also, since this treatment requires such large doses of vitamine B5, your body may become deficient in other essential B vitamins. According to the Natural Acne Solution, B vitamins work with each other to carry out bodily functions, and must be kept in balance to work properly. If you are taking an excess of vitamine B5, your body will try to leach onto other B vitamins in order to maintain a proper ratio with each other, and thus lead to a vitamin deficiency.

Vitamine B5, otherwise known as pantothenic acid, is a vitamin known to reduce or eliminate acne. It is a water-soluble vitamin that when taken internally or topically can help in the acne behandeling.

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I hope you found this article as helpful as I did and if, after reading it, you have decided that you would like to try taking a vitamin B5 supplement to see if it helps you to get rid of blackheads, there are some great deals online at the moment.

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