Top Tips For Removing Blackheads

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Removing Blackheads can be tricky if you do not go about it the right way.

There are just three essential things you need before you get started: –

  • a little patience
  • a little know-how
  • a little practice

Follow our three simple tips on removing blackheads, choose the method you want to use  and learn how to get rid of blackheads – fast!

1. You need patience because if you get right in there trying to remove your blackheads without softening them first, you will end up with sore, irritated skin at best and at worst, scarring or infection.

removing blackheadsSoften your blackheads by facial steaming, either by taking a warm shower or bath prior to removing blackheads or by using a facial steamer.

You could use a product called a blackhead dissolver instead of manual removal, but even this treatment is more effective if you take a little time to soften the plugs in your pores that are called comedones or blackheads before you start.

2. You need a little know-how. You need to decide which method of blackhead removal is right for you. Your options are:-

a mud face mask makes an effective blackhead removal treatment for menWhichever of these options you choose, you will need to follow step one above before you get started. You must also follow a good cleanse and exfoliate routine, using a gentle exfoliator or a regular basis, according to the directions on the specific product you use for the skin type you have.

Regular exfoliation, helps in two ways, firstly by removing dead skin cells that might otherwise clog up pores and contribute to the problem and secondly by bringing blackheads closer to the surface so they are easier to remove.

3. You need a little practice. Once you have decided on your blackhead method of choice, use the site index or the search facility on this site to check out how to use your chosen method.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]Always follow blackhead removal by the application of a gentle antiseptic lotion, cream or wipe that will remove any bacteria left on your skin surface from the blackhead removal. A good toner will reduce the appearance of pores and you could also use a mattifier which does the same job and also helps to reduce oil production, helping your skin to look great for longer without that ‘oily shine’.

There are many methods of removing blackheads; there may only be one or two that you feel comfortable and confident using on your own skin. This site has lots of advice and reviews of products that will help you get your complexion looking bright and clear again and help you to keep it that way too!

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