Skintactix Blackhead Dissolver

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One method you can use to get rid of blackheads is to use a blackhead dissolver product. One of the most popular is Skintactix blackhead dissolver that will remove your blackheads in about three weeks. This is a product which is made from plant extracts that help to minimise the excessive production of skin cells and help to keep follicles open by shrinking skin tissues. These natural plant extracts are used in other skin conditions such as exzema and dandruff where too much skin cell production is a contributory cause of the problem.

skintactix blackhead dissolverSome skin specialists are of the opinion that those people who suffer excessively from blackheads (and/or whiteheads) produce oil (sebum) in their skin that is drier than normal sebum and this is why it forms into the hard plugs that block the pores and present as blackheads. Some of the plant extracts in Skintactix help to soften and break down this dry type of sebum and other extracts help to stimulate the production of normal sebum.

You may notice that during the second or third week of using Skintactix for blackhead removal, that it looks as though the problem is getting worse instead of better but this is not the case, although your skin may look as if it has more blackheads, this is because the treatment is working, softening the blackheads deep down in the pores and bringing them to the surface of your skin where they are more visible. The reason for this is that Skintactix is dealing with your developed blackheads and the ones that are developing in your skin all at the same time so do not worry if you notice this phenomenon this is natural and means that you are well on the way to ridding your face of blackheads.

skintactix acne blackheads two step kitWhilst using the product as a treatment to get rid of blackheads, use it twice a day on the areas of your face that are affected. Use it immediately after cleansing but before applying any other skin care products. It should take about three weeks to get rid of the blackheads and after this time go back to using the product just once a day to ensure that your face remains blackhead free.
Skintactix Blackhead/Whitehead Dissolver 1oz bottle Clears Plugged Pores
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