Good Skin Is The Most Visible Sign Of Health

Choose your products with care…
Skin is the first criterion which people consider while judging beauty. But, taking care of your skin is not that easy. Skin is not just an external physical barrier which separates and protects us from the external environment but a mirror of the internal system’s health. Good skin denotes good health and hence it is attractive.

good skin

Having good skin is a visible indicator of good health

Apart from good diet and exercise, using good quality skin products is essential to maintain that untainted spark on your face. There are numerous skin-care products flooding the market and each one with a lure of its own.

Teenagers and young women alike have a tendency to try each of the products until something really suits them. This way they end up damaging their skin big way instead of improving it. The best skincare products which most women have successfully tried and will be happy to boast about are Nivea, Vaseline and Olay.

Skin care is not a one-step process. It involves cleansing, toning, moisturizing, tanning, sun-protection and anti-ageing treatment. Products should be used on one’s skin after assessing their skin-type. Skin-type ranges from dry, sensitive, oily, normal, smooth, even skin to highly damaged and rugged skin.


Gentle cleansing is one of the most important parts of your skin care routine

Cleaning the skin is important not just superficially but deeply, in order to get rid of dirt, mess and clogged pores. Face scrubs, face washes, skin exfoliators and peel-off facials all promise to clean your skin. While this may be true, choosing a product that best suits your skin is a challenge.

You can go for Nivea’s Visage Gentle Cleansing Lotion. Nivea is a widely used and trusted brand. This lotion is a mild cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. It effectively cleanses the skin without taking away the essential moisture.

Remember, cleansing should not be an aggressive method. You shouldn’t wildly rub your face with the face wash during application or while drying it after washing. It should be done as gently as possible to avoid damage to skin cells and stripping off of facial oils. Even on skin troubled by blackheads, whiteheads and other acne blemishes, this should be avoided because over-stripping of the skin’s natural oils will make matters worse! Nivea’s Visage Gentle Cleansing Lotion is so good that it can be applied even to the sensitive under-eye area which is warned against while applying most facial products.

Nivea Visage Anti Wrinkle Q10 Plus Eye Creme 0.5 Fl Oz (Health and Beauty)With our current lifestyle and erroneous eating habits, ageing sets in much earlier as compared to our much nobler previous generations. For those who have crossed the third decade, you can also go for Nivea’s Visage anti-wrinkle Q10 plus eye cream (pictured right). The special ingredient Q10 is a vitamin-like structure and plays an important part in the energy production of the human body’s cells. The anti-ageing effects of this ingredient have been scientifically validated in clinical studies. Nivea has such unique products in its skincare range that you just can’t go wrong with it.

For winter, a different skin routine needs to be followed. Most people associate Vaseline with winter care. A lot of moisture content is lost from the skin during winters. Vaseline’s pure petroleum jelly is a domestic name when winter sets in. You can try some other moisturizing hand and body products offered by Vaseline such as Aloe fresh light lotion and Cocoa butter vitalizing gel body oil. Aloe Vera based lotions have advantages over others as these are less sticky and hence more acceptable by people.

For treating your cracked sore lips during winter, Vaseline lip therapy is the simplest and the cheapest solution. A range of flavours like aloe vera, cocoa butter, and rosy will leave your lips with a soft, moisturized and healthy feeling.

Olay Essentials Everyday Sunshine

This Olay Essentials moisturizer protects your skin with SPF15 whilst giving a sun-kissed glow

Many women crave tanned skin as it makes them look more desirable. Merely keeping their face clean and soft is not enough for them. For them, the Olay Everyday Sunshine Light Sun-Kissed Glow Spf15 is a perfect product. It has an SPF of 15, protecting your skin against sun damage whilst also giving you a healthy tanned golden skin glow.

Certain areas of the skin are very sensitive like the area under the eyes. This becomes dark with increased fine lines due to some reasons like lack of sleep and vitamin deficiency. So it becomes increasingly important to take care of this sensitive area as it is a reflection of skin ageing and gives a very tired look to an otherwise beautiful face. Try using the Nivea Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Eye Cream. It reduces swollen under-eye area and provides a youthful appearance to your face.

A clear, soft, toned and supple skin is many a woman’s dream. Choose the right skincare product and chase your dream!

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