Blackhead Extraction, Choosing The Best Method For You

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]How to get rid of blackheads is an issue for most teenagers and many adults the world over and there are many blackhead extraction techniques. These blemishes are effectively blocked pores and there are a number of reasons that people develop them. They can often be hormonal or caused by an excessive amount of sebum production.

Environment can also be a major factor, if you live or work in a large city for instance, or in an industry that produces a lot of dust particles in the air. Many people do not have a tailored cleansing routine so this can also be a root cause. Deciding what method of blackhead extraction to go for depends on the severity of the issue, time and budget.

blackhead extractionNumerous high street cleansers on the market claim to get rid of blackheads. Many of them contain powerful astringents which some experts believe to be counterproductive. Harsh astringents can strip the skin of natural oils therefore stimulating it to produce more sebum, exacerbating the issue and making the skin feel very tight. Getting the natural balance of the skin back is more difficult after the use of these products but some people prefer the antiseptic feel of them.

Regular exfoliation, cleansing morning and evening, followed by a gentle toner and skin specific moisturiser may prove very effective at getting rid of blackheads over the long term. Those with sensitive skin types may find that papaya based peels or non-granular exfoliators to be much gentler.

Products containing Tea Tree Oil, (melaleuca alternifolia), are often more popular with men and teenagers with this problem.

Blackhead Extraction at the Beautician’s

Manual blackhead extraction is another option; there is a small tool which can be found in a variety of global beauty chains that provides a more hygienic method than squeezing. However it is important to maintain cleanliness to prevent infection.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Some people favour vacuum extraction of blackheads using a vacuum blackhead remover.

It is hygienic and does not take as long as manual blackhead extraction negates the issue of possible infection and is very effective.

Following on from a treatment of this nature with a regular cleansing, toning and moisturising regime can prevent the problem returning or at the very least keep it to a minimum so that the amount of blackhead extraction you need to attempt will be greatly reduced.

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