Adovia Acne Soap A Natural Dead Sea Mud Minerals Cleanser

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]If you have acne and acne blackheads, effective skincare is a top priority for you to keep your skin healthy and avoid as far as possible, acne breakouts. If you like to use a soap for cleansing your skin, Adovia acne soap gets fantastic customer reviews online – and it is not expensive either!

Adovia acne soap is a natural product from SeaOra Mineral Skin Care. It is especially made using gentle glycerine that will act to dry acne blemishes without causing irritation or making your skin so dry that it becomes sore. The soap nourishes your skin with minerals that have been sourced and extracted from the water and mud of the Dead Sea. The final ingredient is mild, gentle, healing Aloe Vera which soothes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

It is extremely effective at removing impurities, toxins and debris from your skin surface and pores, leaving your skin thoroughly and effectively cleansed and much less prone to breakout due to inflammation caused by bacterial infection.

Amazon Image
Amazon Image
Adovia acne soap is also enriched with natural oils that moisturize but do not block your pores.
It is safe for use on your face -just be sure not to get it into your eyes because it will irritate them. You can follow cleansing of your face using the Adovia Acne Soap with your normal toner if you wish and the moisturizer best suited for your skin type.

Adovia Acne Soap gets great reviews on line

This product gets great customer reviews everywhere I look. On, for example, there are currently 18 reviews with an average of four stars (eight people give it a five star review!). The thing that everyone seems to feel is that it is so great to be using a natural product that is so effective on acne and works quickly – one reviewer states:-

“I received the soap 3 days ago, and I can already see results. The smaller pimples I had are gone, while the bigger ones are significantly smaller. The thing I like the most about the soap is that it doesn’t dry your skin (I had been using salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide products, and they cause my skin to become very dry and scaly).”

Another teenage girl comments:-

“my pores visibly became smaller after this use. I have blackheads on my cheeks where the bridge of my nose connects to my cheeks and they were visibly smaller”

So if you are thinking of giving Adovia Acne Soap – All Natural Acne Relief (From Dead Sea Mineral Mud) a try, it is available from

Because it has been especially formulated to treat Acne and the associated acne blackheads, blemishes and pimples, you can be assured that Adovia Acne Soap is safe to use on your face every day and on your whole body if you wish when showering or bathing.


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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this fab product. I am going to try it out as soon as possible.

    • Thanks Zoe, it gets great reviews everywhere, so I hope you will enjoy using it.