Murad Oil Control Mattifier

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]If you have oily skin, prone to acne breakouts and blemishes, you will want to know how Murad Oil Control Mattifier can help as it is so annoying to have excessive oil that spoils your carefully applied makeup and gives your skin a shiny appearance that needs blotting regularly.

According to Wiktionary, a mattifier is

“A cosmetic designed to give the skin a matt or less shiny appearance”

Murad Oil Control MattifierThen along came Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15! According to the Murad website, this product will keep your skin free of excess oil by up to 78% for up to eight hours. It contains an oil control complex that helps to regulate your skin’s natural oil production but it also helps to preserve your skin’s moisture so that your skin retains its matte finish for longer. Go to the bottom of this post for a Video Review.

A mattifier is particularly recommended after blackhead extraction, please see details in this article.

I have been looking around for customer feedback and opinions of this Murad Mattifier and I found that the forty-three members of Makeup Alley who reviewed this product gave it an average of four out of five stars. The general feeling is that it is really great for the oily parts of your face, particularly the T zone, but if your face is not oily all-over, you might need another moisturizer too on the drier areas.

Other comments were that although it seems quite expensive, a tube lasts a long time – one reviewer quoted four months! The vast majority of people said that it kept their makeup looking great for longer and with far less need to blot.

Video review of Murad Oil Control Mattifier

On the Murad site, they have printed several accolades for this mattifier, I particularly liked this one from Shape Magazine in their Best of Beauty Awards for 2009:-

“Winner: Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 is ideal for people with combination or oily skin who usually shy away from anything with sun protection in it for fear of breakouts and sheen. The botanical-infused potion, from Los Angeles dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D., was shown to reduce oil buildup by up to 78 percent for more than eight hours. “

The Shape Magazine quote above makes a very valid point, that it is hard to find oil-control products that also have a sunscreen so this is a definite plus for me.

Murad lists the additional active natural ingredients in the oil control mattifier as Willow bark extract which not only helps to control breakouts but also helps to clear the skin of impurities.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]Argan extract makes your skin smoother and softer. I did not know what Argan extract was so I did a little research and found an interesting article on Wikipedia which explains that the Argan tree grows in Morocco and the oil is extracted from the very hard nuts of the tree.

This product is listed as SPF 15 and provides both UVA and UVB protection.

Murad recommend that after cleansing and applying their recommended treatments for your face that you massage a little of the Murad mattifier evenly over the oily areas of your face (or over your whole face as required).

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