Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit for Effective Blackhead Removal

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Blackhead Removal is easy with the Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit. The kit has everything you need to give yourself an effective home facial treatment.

Blackheads can be difficult to remove because they are made up of excess oil and dead skin cells and other particles from make-up, dust and air pollutants which accumulate inside pores forming a hard plug.

The Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser is extremely effective at unclogging pores and removing blackheads, leaving skin looking clear and beautiful.

how the clean and clear blackhead eraser worksThis little device is so easy to use and its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold and use in the shower or bath if you wish to as the case is waterproof. This is a great time to use it as the steam from the hot water will have opened your pores, helping the product to work even more effectively.

To use the eraser, simply take a fresh medicated pad, wet it thoroughly and put it onto the eraser. A simple twist mechanism switches the device on and causes gentle vibrations which not only help to remove the dead skin cells which could block up your pores causing future blackheads but they also get to work removing any dirt and excess oil. As it works, the medicated pad foams and the serum contained within it, an effective blackhead dissolver containing salicylic acid is activated, cleaning deep down into your pores.

Get This Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit from Amazon

Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser KitThe device is powered by a single AA battery which is replaceable as required and one is supplied with the kit when you buy it.

You do not need to buy a new device when the pads run out, these are sold separately in packs of twenty, making the kit a very cost effective way to treat blackheads and other skin blemishes.

You only need to use the product every other day for best results.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]The fact that the pads foam in use makes it really easy to see what you are doing and which bits you have already treated. The shape of the device also makes it easy to get into the contours of your face around your nose, forehead and jawline, the places where you are most likely to get problems.

You will notice an improvement in how soft and smooth your skin feels after just one treatment. The Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit is made by the Johnson and Johnson group of companies so you can be sure of a quality product that is kind to your skin.

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