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Acneticin is a natural treatment that you take orally. It is designed for anyone who has had acne for more than a year, tried all sorts of other remedies, maybe even prescribed medication without curing the problem.

Acneticin contains natural ingredients to resolve your skin problems. It is intended to be used for Blackheads, Persistent Acne and spots as well as infected skin pustules and general inflammation of your skin. So if you are really in need of a blackhead removal product that works, this could be the one for you!

Because all of these problems are manifestations of symptoms that appear on the skin but did not start there, the real problem needs to be addressed inside your skin where the root of all the problems lies.

Facial exfoliators, cleansers and astringents all have their place in cleansing your skin and minimising pore sizes but you cannot get at the root of your skin problems from the outside. Acneticin on the other hand is taken orally so it can get into your bloodstream and get carried to the areas of your body where it is needed so it can start to work its magic.

Acneticin has a three step approach to helping you to achieve a healthy complexion

AcneticinFirst of all, it’s key ingredients help to keep your body in balance by supporting the hormone producing glands in your body which, when out of balance can cause too much sebum (oil) to be produced – this is the reason why skin problems can so often start in our teenage years.

It helps to detoxify your body, helping your skin to regain its bright, clear appearance.

Finally, the essential vitamins, minerals and herbs in Acneticin work to help repair and strengthen the tissues in your body, making your skin healthier and clearer.

Acneticin contains Dandelion, Green Tea, Mangosteen (a fruit from the Far East with powerful antibacterial properties), Noni (another powerful antioxidant fruit), Vitamins A and B5, Biotin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Licorice Root, Garlic, MSM (a sulphur related compound vital for healthy skin, hair and nails), Witch Hazel, Glucosamine (helps our bodies to produce more collagen vital for the elasticity of our skin), Milk thistle (which is important for regulating liver toxins and cholesterol), White Willow (a powerful natural anti-inflammatory helping with healing of skin problems), DMAE (a substance known to help stabilize cell membranes and which has been linked to anti-aging and improving memory), Alpha Lipoic Acid (a natural enzyme which has been proven to prevent cell damage and reduce oxidative stress that leads to aging).

Dosage of Acneticin is four to eight capsules daily and it is especially recommended for anyone with sensitive skin who may have had adverse reactions to topical treatments for skin problems. The makers of Acneticin say it works for 99% of people but they will refund if you return your empty bottle, having taken Acneticin as directed for thirty days.

You should take two to four capsules twice-daily with a large glass of water. Avoiding alcohol and not smoking will maximise the benefits of taking Acneticin. Acneticin does not contain any Benzoyl Peroxide or Tetracycline derivatives, it is 100% natural and will work on any areas where you have acne, acne blackheads or similar. Although Acneticin contains only natural ingredients, you should still check the leaflet in the pack to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

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By Alison Graham

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