Getting Rid Of Blackheads

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Getting rid of blackheads is something we all need to learn particularly when we discover them the night before a special occasion the following day, or we have an important meeting in the morning and want to feel confident that our skin looks as clear as possible.

Blackheads are small black specks made up of the oily substance sebum mixed with dead skin debris. When sebum gets trapped inside a pore and is exposed to the air, it turns black. Anybody can suffer from these blemishes, but they are most common in teenagers and those with oily, acne-prone skin.

Follow these steps for Getting Rid of Blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads begins with washing your face to remove all traces of dirt and makeup. If you choose a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, this will help to fight acne, but make sure this is not too harsh for you. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to stick to a mild cleanser that you know won’t irritate it.

Because they are caused by an overproduction of oil, keeping your pores as clean as you can is a major part of the battle against these annoying blemishes. After cleansing your face, pat it dry with a soft, clean towel.

getting rid of blackheadsNext, use an exfoliating scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells, which can become clogged in the oily pores and contribute to blackheads and pimples. Be sure to use the most gentle one you can find.

Rub the exfoliator between your palms and then gently apply it to your face in circular movements, concentrating on the areas that have blackheads. Most people find them on their nose and chin.

After exfoliating, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry with the towel. Fill your sink or a large bowl with very hot water and let a washcloth soak in it for a few minutes.

hold a hot washcloth against your faceTaking care not to scald your hand, lift the washcloth out of the water and let it cool just until it is bearable to hold against your skin. Let the heat and steam make the blackheads rise to the surface. This makes it easier to remove them.

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After the hot washcloth has been against your skin for a couple of minutes, remove it and pat your face dry with the towel again.

Holding a clean tissue over the tips of both forefingers, press gently down and then up on the surface of the skin, with a finger on either side of the blackhead.

The aim is to get the entire pore contents out, leaving it clean and clear. Avoid using excessive pressure, which can lead to scarring.

After the blackhead has popped out, dispose of the tissue and then apply a topical blackhead treatment to the area you have just treated. This keeps the skin clean and free from bacteria.

[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]Many skincare brands sell these topical treatments. You may need to experiment with a few until you find the one that suits your skin. Reading product reviews online is a good way to work out what might be your best option.

Getting rid of blackheads is not too difficult if you follow the tips above, but in the long term you should focus on how to prevent blackheads from coming back. Be scrupulous about your skincare routine; eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to drink two litres of water per day and use natural products on your skin as much as possible.

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