Blue Light Therapy For Acne And Blackhead Treatment

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]Blue light therapy is an innovative breakthrough on how we can treat acne and blackheads. Scientists have been studying the effects of different spectra of light on human skin. It has been proven that light in the blue and red spectra are very effective in treating skin problems. A certain level of light in the blue spectrum penetrates the skin safely and destroys acne bacteria without causing any damage to tissues.

Lights in the red spectrum can promote healing of scars, inflammation and redness that acne produces. Combinations of lights in both the red and blue spectra have proven to be effective at eliminating present acne and also future breakouts.

Professional Blue Light Therapy Treatment for Acne and Blackheads

This combination is a modern miracle that thousands have already benefited from. The image below (right) shows the Caribbean Sun Box Acne Treatment Light Box which is available from

Caribbean Sun Box Acne Treatment Light BoxFor those of us who want to know how to get rid of blackheads and other acne without using prescription medications may just find the answer in trying this type of skin care regime.

Using the lights to control and promote healing of current acne and blackheads is not a new fad or trend.

Dermatologists have been using it for some time now. In order to get this treatment individuals had to visit a dermatologist’s office. Those days are over.

Now this treatment is available for use at home. Those interested can find this treatment at affordable prices online. Several companies offer kits that are easy and ideal for use at home.

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[ad#Ad Block Posts Float Right]It is important to follow all instructions given with a light therapy kit. Not following them can produce poor results in this type of therapy. This type of blackhead treatment has significant results when directions are followed. A treatment program that focuses on the source is a great way to start a clean skin regime.

Blue light therapy
has proven itself to be worthy of getting recognition from the FDA as a product that is effective in treating blackheads as well as other acne forms. It has received tremendous ratings from those that use it and just may be one of the best ways to eradicate acne at its source. Individuals looking for a different approach to acne treatment may find this therapy effective.

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