Blackheads Treatment With Ezzi-peel Ultrasound Portable Cordless Skin Spatula

[ad#Ad Block Posts Floats Left]The Ezzi-Peel Ultrasound Portable Cordless Skin Spatula is one of the most sought after skin care products available due to its brilliant performance on clearing out blackheads and cleaning out pores from debis build-up and oil, which in turn, helps to prevent future blackheads and pimples. The other great thing about it is that it is FDA Approved so you have this assurance when purchasing.

But what is the Ezzi-peel really? How does it work? Is it really effective? What benefits can one obtain from it? And what do people say about it? We decided to take a look at this newest breakthrough on the field of dermatology – and find where to buy online at the best possible price!

Getting To Know This Ultrasonic Skin Spatula

Ezzi-Peel Ultrasound Portable Cordless Skin Spatula FDA Approved

Ezzi-Peel Ultrasound Portable Cordless Skin Spatula FDA Approved
The technical term for machines that work like the Ezzi-peel is ultrasonic skin blades. This sounds pretty scary and so they are more often referred to as skin spatulas. They are rather like Clarisonic Brushes- but without the brush. They are like these brushes since they also use sonic frequencies that remove oil and dirt from one’s pores.

Sonic Waves: How Can These Help In Blackhead Treatment?

So how does the Ezzi-peel ultrasound portable cordless skin spatula work anyway? As we have mentioned earlier, they use the concept of ultrasonic frequencies in order to do their job. These spatulas oscillate and glide over the skin. This creates a vibration or a sonic frequency that bombards your pores and it removes oil, dirt and other cellular debris from your skin. We can’t hear these sonic waves since they are beyond the comprehension of our ears, but they are very good at bombarding the dirt and harmful build-up from our pores. Most of the time, a cream or a serum is applied over your skin to help the vibrations penetrate even on your skin.

Extract from Amazon customer review:-

“I was shocked by the first use on my face. It got everything out of the pores all over including the nose area and chin. No pain and no redness, just total cleansing and slight peeling. It gets out all the blackheads on one use too I learned when i tried it on my pals nose that had a ton and this unit got it crystal clean on the first use. This unit works wonders!”

Safety Issues: Is The Ezzi-Peel Effective To Use?

In looking at the aspect of whether or not this device is really safe for our skin, we need to look at its method of use, as well as the way it works. It is only applied externally with no chemicals penetrating your skin, so you are very much assured that what you are using is really safe. Also, it is battery operated so although the sonic frequencies are generated by electricity, there is no danger of electric shock.

How Does It Prevent Blackheads From Forming Within Your Pores?

We all know that blackheads are caused by dead skin debris and oil depositing in our pores. With this in mind, this clever device can easily prevent blackheads since it can clean your pores thoroughly in a matter of minutes. It leaves no redness and it is entirely painless to use. It only leaves a small trace of peeling on one’s skin.

To sum up, these are the beneficial effects that you can get from the Ezzi-peel ultrasound portable cordless skin spatula:

  1. Eliminates Blackheads and helps to prevent future outbreaks
  2. Helps to prevent future outbreaks of pimples
  3. Gives you a natural bright and pinkish glow after every application
  4. Lightens your skin and makes its complexion fairer every after use
  5. Removes dirt, oil and other damaging build-up in your pores

The Ezzi-peel is a Three-In-One Product

The Ezzi-peel ultrasound portable cordless skin spatula comes with three unique functions which are the following:

  • Exfoliation – This peeling function is achieved through the ultrasound waves that are released, providing a deep cleansing effect for your face or body. These waves push and bombard dead skin cells and oil out of your pores in a pain-free and safe way.
  • Product Penetration – The sonic wave that the Ezzi-peel ultrasound portable cordless skin spatula emits also helps push other nutrients like lotion, serum or cream to deeper into the skin where it can be even more effective.
  • Ion (+) Mode; Ion (-) Mode – In many spas in Europe, ion technology treatments help tropical nutrients penetrate your skin more deeply. This technology is now integrated in the Ezzi-Peel, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a spa treatment in your home! The Ion (+) Mode is used to penetrate products such as Vitamin A or Vitamin E, while the Ion (-) Mode is for Vitamin C products.

Extract from Amazon customer review:-
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“When I got my Ezzi-Peel at home I could not wait to use it, let me tell you I Love It! My skin is so clear and smooth, it cleaned out all my pores like magic.”

The Verdict

So far, many of the buyers of this product are very satisfied with this product. They say that it is extremely safe to use and it’s amazing that after a single use, blackheads can be eliminated easily. For all these reasons, the Ezzi-peel ultrasound portable cordless skin spatula is a product that we recommend to those individuals who really want to get rid of blackheads for good.

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