4 Major Benefits Of Microdermabrasion Treatment

If your complexion isn’t quite as clear and bright as you would like it to be, microdermabrasion may be just what you need to achieve that flawless, radiant look you desire. This gentle, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment can do great things for your appearance without the risks, costs and discomfort associated with more aggressive treatments.

The 4 Top Benefits of this Popular Cosmetic Treatment


    • Fine Lines
      Using fine, abrasive crystals, this rejuvenating treatment gently removes the top layers of skin. While typical exfoliation treatments can be helpful for fine lines and wrinkles, they generally aren’t as effective as skin abrasion. These fine crystals exfoliate more deeply, removing more than just that superficial skin layer that lesser treatments do. This can greatly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gradually erasing those early signs of aging.
    • Scarring
      If you have superficial scarring due to acne or other skin trauma that has not responded to lesser exfoliation creams or treatments, the more aggressive exfoliation achieved with fine abrasive crystals can be much more effective. The deep exfoliating action of these crystals can reduce or eliminate scars that have defeated other treatments. Continue reading

    The Surprising Link Between Obesity and Acne

    Remember when your old folks would tell you not to eat chocolates, pizza, nuts, and junk foods to prevent acne breakouts? Well, there is now evidence that these foods can indeed cause acne. Although dermatologists place these dietary choices on the “myth list”, recent research has shown that there is a significant relationship between what a person eats and the risk of having acne.

    The Acne-Obesity Research

    overweight ladyAccording to a journal article published in Cutaneous Medicine for the Pracitioner (Cutis), a person’s diet may indeed cause skin breakouts or acne. The research was a Meta analysis that reviewed and compiled existing evidence about the association of diet with acne. According to the study, diet that causes insulin resistance may also cause acne.

    The research went even further, suggesting that dermatologists should consider dietary factors in treating acne patients, and that they should be screened for it.

    What is Insulin Resistance?

    Insulin resistance happens when the body cannot process insulin effectively. The primary drivers for insulin resistance are foods with high a glycemic load. Insulin is a crucial hormone responsible for regulating fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Without insulin exerting this crucial role, there would be high amounts of fat and sugar in the body. This event in turn would cause conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, cardiovascular diseases and finally obesity.

    High Glycemic Diet + Obesity = Acne

    high fat high carbohydrate cakeAs stated previously, foods with high glycemic loads are found to be associated with acne, and surprisingly these foods are also associated with obesity. But what is glycemic load anyway? Glycemic load refers to an estimate on how much a particular food will raise an individual’s blood sugar level after consuming it. So if the food is said to have a high glycemic load, this means the food can raise a person’s blood sugar level significantly. Carbohydrates and fatty foods top the list of foods with a high glycemic load.
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    What Your Skin Says about You

    your skin says a lot about youYou’ve probably already heard that the skin is the largest organ in the body and that it is the primary line of defense that separates you from the rest of the unforgiving world. Aside from these facts that never get old, your skin is the very representative of how you take care of yourself and how your body is reacting to your lifestyle, the food you eat and don’t eat, the vices you engage in, and even internal body processes that are out of the naked eye’s reach.

    Your skin is a reflection of you. Listen to what your skin says about you.

    Cut down on alcohol.

    It is a proven fact that too much alcohol is detrimental to health, most especially to organs such as the brain and liver among others, but labels never come with a notice that says alcohol affects the way you look.

    spider veins

    Spider veins on a woman’s face

    Alcohol can attack in many ways and in different areas to impede proper nutrient absorption by the skin, which is left dry and dull by dehydration and lack of vitamins and minerals. Chronic consumption of more than the recommended amounts of alcoholic beverages can lead to exacerbation of pre-existing skin problems like rosacea and psoriasis, while small blood vessels may rupture and manifest as spider-looking veins on the face.

    If these aren’t enough yet to destroy the pretty picture you somehow try to paint for yourself as you deny that you’re drinking too much, check out the cellulite that’s keeping you away from wearing shorts on warm sunny days. Toxin buildup and, not to mention, the high calorie content in alcohol, keeps all those blebs in shape and make them stay right where you don’t want them to be. Continue reading

    The Benefits of Essential Oils for your Skin

    Whatever your skin type, good skincare is essential to your long term health. Taking good care of your skin can greatly affect the aging process, and make sure that your skin looks better and healthier for longer.

    There are a lot of skincare products on the market today, but what you may not know is how many natural skincare options are available.

    In particular, there are a lot of essential oils that have great properties when it comes to your skin.
    Here are a few of the best:



    Essential Oil from Geranium is very good for dry skin

    Geranium is an excellent essential oil to treat dry skin. It’s moisturizing properties also make it a good anti-aging oil, helping to fight wrinkles in particular. Its fragrant scent also makes it a pleasure to use.

    There are a few ways in which you can use geranium oil. One is to add a few drops to your regular moisturizer.

    Another way is to mix some with some warm water and hold your face over the steam.

    Find out more about the benefits of steaming your face

    Visit our sister site, where you will find this step by step guide to whiteheads treatment which includes information about steaming your face weekly. This article is not just of benefit for those with whiteheads, it is an effective regime for blackheads, pimples and other blemishes too!

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